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Heat Treat

In our heat treat process we use DOWA gas soft nitriding and carburizing furnaces. We do independent quality checks after processing using Rockwell hardness testers, micro vickers, macro vickers, and microscopes to examine the compound layers.


Our assembly area uses custom built machines to assemble parts to each customers specification.

Press Department

We stamp a variety of parts for Honda, Toyota, Nissan, and GM . Anywhere from transmission to brake parts. The operators are responsible for measuring with calipers and micrometers watching for part defects and making labels for parts produced . Making sure parts are moved to the next process timely, with no defects. We always look to protect our customer , and keep a clean work environment that promotes safety

CNC Machining

We have two types of CNC machines that run the same type of parts constantly. MTO performs many different checks during the machining process to ensure proper quality and machining control.




Quality Department

The Q.C. Department is equipped with various inspection machines that allow MTO to perform precise measurements at the micron level to guarantee the quality of the product we produce. MTO currently utilizes Coordinate Measuring Machines, Contrace Machines, Surface roughness machines, Hardness Tester, microvickers, and General measuring tools.

Barrel Polishing

The barrel polishing area uses ceramic media and water to tumble parts in our Sinto polishing machines. The parts get tumbled to remove burrs or other machining marks.


In the grinding area we use Nissei double-disc grinding machines that are capable of holding tight thickness and flatness specifications.